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The Illustrated Herbiary
– COMING AUGUST 7, 2018 –

When you deeply engage with the world around you, it engages you back. The plants taught me this, sparking my intuition with their whispered teachings.

And this book!

It’s such an honor to be able to share this book with you.

I’ve taken all the plants’ little whispers and buffed and polished them so you can hear each plant’s personality. This book is quirky, whimsical, and deeply nourishing. You’ll meet the plants in a way you never have before. Plus the illustrations? Thanks to illustrator Kate O’Hara, they are OMG gorgeous!

What's in a name?

Maybe you’re wondering what’s “with the name? A logophile who couldn’t come up with a different name for her book than the name of her store?”

LOL. I had sooooo many names for my book. But in the end the team at my publishing house chose this one. They just loved the word Herbiary, a mash-up I discovered back in 2009 when I put the suffix -iary from bestiary and apiary onto the word herb. I say “discovered” because while this word wasn’t in the dictionary, I wasn’t the first to think of it; I’ve found an herbiary or two (the place where the herbs were grown) in Victorian novels and gardening books.

And it works, right? An Herbiary is a collection of herbs.

And now there’s more than one way to enjoy it!

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"Maia is the real deal...her writing is exquisite, and her work profound."
Linda Siversten, TEDWomen speaker.